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Gunnerson Dental

Dr. K Cheyn Gunnerson started his private practice in July 1996. He graduated in the top 5% of his class at Oregon Health Sciences University and since then has spent thousands of hours in post graduate education to ensure he delivers the highest quality care to his patients. In the last year we have implemented TMJ & Sleep Therapy Treatments, as well as Myofunctional Therapy in our practice. TMJ is life changing work that reduces, if not completely eliminate, chronic pain in the face, neck and shoulders. Orofacial Myofuntional Therapy is used primarily to help retrain the oral muscles to aid children in better speech, swallowing, and breathing.
“At Gunnerson Dental we care about more than your teeth; we care about YOU. How are you sleeping? How are you breathing? Do you struggle with chronic pain?” Dr. Gunnerson said in a recent Facebook Live.

This July on top of our 25th anniversary celebration, we will also be hosting our Patient Appreciation Pool Party! We’ve rented out the Payson City Recreation Pool, hired Kona Ice to supply delicious snow cones and will be hosting raffles, hula hoop contests, and more.

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