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Branch Manager, Orem Branch Veritas Funding

Kalab Stokes is the Branch Manager of Veritas Funding LLC in Orem, Utah.  He has a mortgage loan originator license in the following states: Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas, Indiana, Colorado and is currently working towards being licensed in Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

With over 16 years of experience in the mortgage industry, he has a wealth of knowledge of every facet of the industry.  Kalab believes in the power of homeownership.  He prides himself in being able to take the “hard” loans that other Loan Officers will pass on due to complexity or their lack of knowledge.  If a client is not in a position to get a mortgage loan currently, he will work diligently to help give them the tasks needed to be ready in the future.

Kalab is dedicated to his family and his community.  In addition to managing the Orem mortgage branch of Veritas Funding, he also coaches at Salem High School as the Girls Softball coach.  This coaching experience has enhanced his ability to motivate his mortgage loan team and encourage clients that need guidance on the path to making their dream of owning a home a reality.

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Loan Process


Your dream of home ownership begins with an honest assessment of your target loan amount. Our experienced Loan Originators will review your goals with you including monthly payment, down payment, and purchase price. Your Loan Originator will draw upon our extensive product offerings while tailoring a financing plan which meets your goals.


Together with your Loan Originator, you choose the perfect loan program. Next, we will begin gathering the information necessary to ultimately approve your loan. Our staff will walk you through the application and disclosure process. While industry documentation requirements can be extensive, we do our best to simplify the process for you.


Our Loan Originators are supported by one of the most experienced and effective processing and support staff in the industry. You will work closely with your originator’s team to build your file and prepare for underwriting. Because our underwriting is done in-house, you are guaranteed industry leading turn times in receiving your loan decision.


If you thought our underwriting was fast, our closing and funding departments will simply stun you. Our closing experts will work closely with your escrow company to efficiently prepare closing documents for closing and expedite funding of your loan. Our entire staff works in harmony to get you into your new home as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Our talented team are experienced and resourceful. They can answer any questions that you have about your loans. 

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Growing up in small town Oregon, Shaun was the oldest of 5 children. As such, he was usually the one helping out his dad work on the family cars. That is where Shaun learned about things mechanical. He worked many different jobs growing up, and while attending college, decided to try his hand as a mechanic. He even got jobs for two of his brothers at the shop he worked at. After some formal training and years of experience, Shaun became a certified Master Auto Technician. In 1998 he decided to start his own shop, AutoWorks in Payson, Utah. He wanted to give his friends and family in the local area an honest and reliable shop they could depend on. Shaun trains his staff to do a complete courtesy inspection on every car so that customers will have a complete picture of their car before they decide on any repairs or service. Shaun and his wife Candy are active in the community and enjoy serving in various responsibilities. They have 4 children, all of which have worked or currently work at the shop. Shaun’s two brothers that he used to work with have followed in his footsteps, opening their own successful shops in American Fork, Utah and Shelley, Idaho. For Shaun and Candy, it really is a “family business!”

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